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Thank you for your interest in The Newton Group.

Please submit the form below and a member of our Call center Team will get in touch to answer questions you may have.
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NBS Al Waab Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)

The Parent Teacher Association is an active and integral part of Newton British School. This is a volunteer body of teachers and parents who help organise school events. The main aims of the PTA are:
To encourage co-operation between parents and teachers for the well-being of the student body To engage in a range of activities and events of all kinds, both social and educational, to further enhance the life of the school.
To develop effective relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school, to support the school and enhance the education of the student body.  The day-to-day running of the PTA is in the hands of a small committee of members that are agreed at the PTAs inaugural meeting at the start of each new academic year.
The PTA is currently helping to organise a series of events, aimed at fostering good relationships among pupils, staff, parents and the local community. If you want to find out more, please contact the School’s Office and ask to make an appointment to speak with any member of the SMT.
We do hope you will consider getting involved and so look forward to working with you in Partnership, for the benefit of all the children.