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Thank you for your interest in The Newton Group.

Please submit the form below and a member of our Call center Team will get in touch to answer questions you may have.
You can also call us on +974 50059697 / 30162469 / 30176995

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Key Stage 1 & 2

KEY STAGE 1 Classes Year 1, Year 2
KEY STAGE 2 Lower Classes Year 3, Year 4
KEY STAGE 2 Upper Classes Year 5, Year 6

Our Primary Schools include Year 1 to Year 6 across Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. As our students transition from Early Years to the Primary School, they continue to grow as independent learners. Class teachers and subject specialists work together to develop and stretch each child’s thinking, develop their abilities to observe, question and engage in investigative work across all curriculum areas.

As the students grow and continue to learn, they build on their abilities to be more independent in their, we continue to stretch the range of challenges that they are exposed to. They are encouraged to explore key topics across all the subject areas available, and build their depth of understanding.

Our contextual teaching style enables our students to continuously make real world connections, to allow their learning to come alive and ensure that the skills that they learning are not forgotten as they move forward through the school. Our aim is to connect thoughts and learning to the real world in which our children live.

Primary School Subjects

English History Mathematics
Arabic 1st Language – Native speakers Art/ Design & Technology Geography
Arabic 2nd Language – Non native ICT Science
Citizenship Islamic Studies – Muslim Students French
Philosophy for Children (P4C) Qatar History– Arabic/English Music
Physical Education (PE)

For Quick Assistance /Any Queries Related To Registration, Please Contact

Mrs Maisa Al Horani: +97450059697 Or Email: