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Founders' Message

Standing before the vast ocean of knowledge and truth, Isaac Newton thought of himself as a little boy picking smooth pebbles and pretty shells.

This sense of wonder and curiosity to discover and learn about our universe, not just that of atoms, stars and galaxies but also that of the living, of the mind and of the complex social, economic and political structures we have created unwittingly, this sense led Newton to realise, and he in turn taught us to see that all systems and structures are governed not by whimsical supernatural forces that are beyond our minds and out of our control but by rules and laws that can be discovered and used to create technologies.

This sense is what we, the founders, have always dreamt of encouraging in all children. We therefore thought of establishing schools that will nurture it. But we needed a curriculum that is exciting and promotes a life-long love for learning. This curriculum should also be dynamic in its response to the never ending changes in the world and our perception of it.

We believe we have found what we were looking for; it is the National Curriculum of England and Wales (NCEW) which is popularly known as the British Curriculum! It is one of the best available in the world that is capable of imparting to our students the quality of learning and skills they need in order to transform our world, not just for the short sighted good of themselves but for the sustainable good of the whole Earth.

Newton also said, “If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.”

At Newton Schools, by applying the British Curriculum to our utmost best, we also try to help our students stand on the shoulders of giants of Mathematics, Science, Literature and all human endeavours in order to not just learn what was, but also to reach further and participate in man’s flourishing of the world and to celebrate the harvest of their work.

Our schools have given us a great opportunity to bring out the best in the children who come to Qatar from all over the world; a true gathering of cultures, languages and nationalities. They discover that they have gathered here for the purpose of learning, discovering, playing, loving and respecting each other. Yes, it is also in the curriculum that teachers create opportunities for their students to love, respect and celebrate their differences.

We have adopted the British Curriculum not by default of having a school which should follow a particular curriculum; in fact the contrary is the truth. We have established our first school in order to actualise, to the best of our abilities, the British Curriculum! It is our belief that such a curriculum, when applied with dedication and creativity, gives a child one of his/hers best chances to develop into a well-rounded free human being, who will be best equipped to live and flourish in our modern world.

We believe that education is one of man’s greatest transformative powers that needs to be honed and improved all the time. At our schools we strive to improve continuously. This has earned the trust of many parents living in Qatar and made us grow in twelve years from a humble beginning of a small school in two villas with about 200 students in 2006, to eight campuses with a family of around 10,000 students in 2018.

People ask us, “Why do you keep opening schools?” For us the answer is simple; we are educators and we want to spread good education as far and as wide as possible.

Our last words are to parents. No one is more eager and passionate about your child’s education than yourselves. We therefore invite you to help your child’s school to continuously improve by being engaged and active with your feedback through the many channels that are made available, be it the Parents & Teachers Association (PTA), the Parents Affairs Officer (PAO) or the teachers themselves who are always available to parents to eagerly discuss their concerns.

Dr Jabr Al Noaimi

PhD in Physics

Mrs Afaf Al Ma’adeed

Master Degree in Physics


All pupils follow the British National Curriculum with certification from Edexcel (Pearson) Examination Board and Cambridge International Examination Centre (CIE).