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Curriculum Overview

At The Newton Group our students follow the English National Curriculum from Early Years to Year 13 adapted to the specific educational setting in Doha, Qatar.

Outstanding student performance in academics is underpinned by the innovative teaching of 21st Century Skills and competencies as well as the promotion of strong morals and values across the school in line with our group Mission and Vision for all of our stakeholders.

The curriculum is broad and balanced and aims to meet the needs of all our students. Whatever the ability, culture or nationality our teaching and learning provision promotes a love of learning and a willingness to explore.

Through the curriculum we equip our students with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices about the important things in their lives.

Our integrated and holistic approach to the curriculum encourages our students to become well rounded individuals; instilling curiosity and helping them to develop their communication, social and emotional skills.

The subjects of the English National Curriculum along with the compulsory subjects of Arabic, Islamic and Qatar History are effortlessly intertwined and integrated to provide a rich and rounded experience for all of our students. This allows us to cover a comprehensive and well-rounded programme of studies that is tailored to our international students.

We are proud to embrace and celebrate Qatari and British culture within our curriculum as well as all of the diverse cultures of the students and staff population in that make up the Newton Group. All of our Muslim students undertake Islamic Studies. All students, are also offered Arabic A for native speakers and Arabic B for non native speakers. We are following the Arabic, Islamic and Qatar History. All of the aforementioned follows rigorously the Ministry of Education of Qatar’s curriculum.

The Newton Group of schools are proud of our curriculum and strive to grow and develop by continually reviewing, developing and innovating it in order to enrich it and develop it further.

Further information regarding the curriculum and our programmes can be found here: