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Newton Group Book Week Celebration

Book week is an annual celebration of books, reading, and literacy that takes place in many countries around the world. The purpose of book week is to promote a love of reading and to encourage people of all ages to explore the world of books.

During book week, schools, libraries often host a variety of events and activities that are designed to inspire and engage readers. Some common activities may include book fairs, author talks and book signings, storytelling sessions, reading challenges, and book-themed dress-up days.

We hope that book week has inspired you to continue exploring the wonderful world of literature, and that you will continue to find joy and adventure within the pages of your favourite books.

NIS- Lagoon 17 -9-2023

NBS-AlWaab 1-10-2023


NIA-Barwa 5-11-2023

NIA- Smash 28-1-2024

NBA -Dafna 30-1-2024

NBA-Barwa 21-4-2024

NBS- Muraikh 21-4-2024

NIS -West Bay 21-4-2024

NIS -DRing 21-4-2024