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Hatem story, NIA – Barwa city

‘Hearing from NIA alumni – former Head boy and Valedictorian Hatem Adel’

“Thank you for all you have done for me academically and socially. I am excelling academically, socially, and professionally because you taught me how to do well and what I am capable of. Without your guidance in high school on how to study, prioritize my time and to socialize with others, I would not do so well today. Thank you!”

Hatem completed Year 13 two years ago with outstanding results and has been studying on Newton scholarship at a Medical University of Toronto in Canada. He has consistently achieved excellent grades in all of his exams which he regularly shares with the management of the Newton group.

Hatem was chosen to be part of the University of Toronto student council. He became a part of the budgeting committee for my faculty, ran for student president and currently he is interning under a top kinesiologist in Toronto.

we cannot be prouder of him being such an excellent ambassador for the NIA Barwa, a school with an outstanding accreditation developing our students holistically into well-rounded individuals with excellent academics.