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We at Newton International Academy – Barwa, decided to pursue P4C as there are so many benefits for the children – as individuals and for the school as a whole as it raises the cognitive attainment and critical thinking of the children. We encourage the 4 C’s at our school, for children to think critically, creatively, collaboratively and caringly.

The children learn to accept the ideas of others by listening and contributing to discussions. They learn from each other as all opinions on a subject differs. They also learn to respect and care about others’ viewpoints. These varied opinions form a basis for the children to understand that not everything is right or wrong in life and that it is okay for them to change their initial thinking. The children learn to trust each other and the teacher with their opinions knowing that they will not be laughed at or ridiculed for what they think.

P4C helps the children to listen, form their own opinion on the facts presented, and collaborate on ideas and to discuss subjects in an informal but structured way. The listening and speaking skills of the children improve as they are given additional time during the week, in a P4C lesson and then again reflection time during Assembly, to actively participate in speaking and listening informally. P4C homework is creating quality discussion time between parents and children

P4C encourages the children to think and not to just accept answers or information. The lessons are in such a way that these thinking skills that are being encouraged in the P4C lessons are carried over into other lessons throughout the curriculum. The teachers are challenging the children to use the skills to think more critically and creatively.

They are taught concepts like cause/effect, consequences which are important when one considers behaviour of children. Teaching them that there is a consequence to actions and the cause/effect affects has on life. They are taught to reason. This skill is so important in life whether used for academic –purposes or in their personal life.


We are a reflective school. We like to see how we can improve on what we do as a school, as teachers and we teach our children the same; to reflect on their learning and behaviour. We teach them to self-evaluate their work and learning.  We encourage dialogue between teacher and children and between the children themselves by using Think Partners and other P4C skills.

The P4C process has helped the teachers to bring out the best in children as it pushes them to think more about their learning and thinking. P4C has definitely improved and enriched teaching and learning in our school as we move more to Enquiry based learning.